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At Knowhere Consulting we prioritize privacy 100%!

We want you to have control over your business and not be controlled by software manufacturers. That is why we offer exclusively open-source business applications and host them in our own secure cloud. For your business success!

Why Knowhere Consulting?

We have specialized in operating open-source business applications for your company. To this end, we have established our own international cloud in over 48 data centers worldwide. From these centers, we operate your business applications reliably and securely on our own servers. We do not use Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Fast and secure servers

Our servers use an open-source operating system, are optimized for performance, and focus on speed, providing a reliable solution for your online business.

Comprehensive monitoring

We carry out constant monitoring of the operational status of our servers 24 hours a day. In this way, we detect failures and problems before you realize it. In addition, we conduct regular security audits on our systems. All this for the benefit of your security.

Free configuration

Configure your ERP system according to your needs. All configuration options are at your disposal. With our Configuration service, we even help you map out your business processes.

More than just support

In addition to standard technical support, you also have access to specialized support. This assists you in setting up business processes and procedures, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

No limitations

We have created a specific hosting environment for Dolibarr. Here there are no limitations in terms of usability. All functionalities are available and can be implemented in your business activity. You can even use simple LibreOffice office templates as models for your business objects. Our system creates secure PDF files from these, which cannot be modified. This way, you have secure and reviewable communication with your customers. Moreover, we do not limit the number of users.

Ideal for small businesses

If you want to operate like a large company, you need our Dolarias platform. Do it like us: with a 95% automation rate in our company, we create a lot of space for creative work. At the same time, you increase your revenue by using automation. The basis for this is hosting on Dolarias. We are delighted to assist you in implementation.

Larger companies

Are you growing and still want to take advantage of Dolarias? No problem: our comprehensive solutions also ensure that larger companies can work smoothly with Dolarias. In this way, we can smoothly migrate to the Dolarias platform from your Dolarias instance and operate your customized infrastructure in our data centers.

Own global cloud - a matter of the heart

We operate our own global cloud infrastructure to ensure the security, data protection, and privacy of your company.

Own repository - our work behind the scenes

We enhance Dolibarr, which comes from the community project, with bug fixes and additional functionalities. So that you can take full advantage of it.

Over 1 million trust in it

Over 1 million companies around the world use Dolibarr as an ERP system in their daily business activities. Join this group and enjoy a reliable ERP system in a completely private and trustworthy hosting environment.

We speak future: entrepreneurial and visionary.

As technology leaders, we offer solutions for your daily business that are ahead of their time. Harness the power of automation and experience what it means to speak in business terms!

More than 950 satisfied customers worldwide